Investment & Solution Partners 

We are Ready, Willing, and Prepared to Engage Investors


Sage has extensive experience in operating wholly and partially owned businesses.

We are currently in product supply solution talks with various companies within West and East Africa which will see the volume of our trading within the sub regions grow astronomically.


As we access these opportunities, we are also on the lookout for partner investors interested in the getting a chuck of the African power and petroleum trading markets so we could, together, deliver these solutions.


From Product trading to delivering total supply solutions to Power Plants, Sage is ready and willing to engage with and partner investors in exploring these burgeoning opportunities in West and East Africa.


If you are an investor interested in the Petroleum, Power and Petrochemicals trading in West and East Africa contact us by calling our investor hotline on +233 263 019 733 or alternatively reach our partner desk by sending an email to