Trading is at the heart of what we do


Our teams of highly trained and experienced professionals are supported by key relationships and partnerships developed within the traded energy and commodities markets globally to consistently deliver value to our clients. 


From our Dubai base, the products we trade in are sourced from Refineries and Processing plants in Asia, Europe other Global traders. Then from our regional hubs, we have agreements with an array of Power Generators and Distribution outlets to ensure that all our business areas have diverse supply streams.


Our global network of relationships coupled with our in-depth local knowledge means we are able to supply various specifications and quantities of products at very competitive prices to our clients based on their specific needs.


All our trading activities thrive on the back of an advanced, real-time Risk Management platform which gives us real time insight into all aspects of our business including stocks, logistics, finance, profitability and risk exposures. Our highly skilled and knowledgeable team is therefore able to make the right calculated decisions which are essential for success in the world of trade.


In addition, we custom design our Risk Management Strategies for each local environment, ensuring that our customers are protected from market volatilities and the inherent risks to their business. Another value we deliver to our clients.