Bridge Power Project 

Expanding Boundaries By Seeking New Opportunities


At Sage we continuously seek to grow our portfolio of operations. We therefore partner key projects with the aim of increasing our trading volumes in all the markets we operate in. Some of the key projects we are currently partnering include;


Bridge Power

Sage to Supply LPG for the Bridge Power Project


The Bridge Power Project (Sponsored by the Early Power Limited), is a greenfield development project in Ghana for the rapid deployment of a 400 MW (net at site conditions) generation facility to be fueled initially by liquid petroleum gas (LPG) with diesel as backup fuel


The Project will run on imported LPG as the primary fuel and Diesel as a secondary fuel. It is estimated that by year 5 of operation Natural gas will be available for the project and this will then become the primary fuel with LPG left in place as a secondary fuel


As part of this project, Sage, through its associated companies, will build storage spheres and construct a pipeline from the Tema Jetty to connect to the existing LPG storage and transportation infrastructure at the Tema Oil Refinery (TOR). This will ensure that in addition to supplying LPG to fuel the Power Plant, Sage will also be in the position to supply LPG to the local market.