Sage Group 

Trading is Our Core Focus


Founded in 2009 and wholly owned by The Quantum Group Limited, Sage, currently head-quartered in Dubai, has its key operations in West Africa and is actively exploring the East African market presently. Our West Africa operations are run from Ghana where Sage has built a strong reputation as one of Ghana’s leading independent energy trading companies based on its active role in the industry.


Trading is our core focus. Our drive is to ensure that we keep playing an active role in the business growth of our clients. As such we have dedicated teams providing the needed solutions to customers in the Petroleum, Power, Bunkering and Petrochemicals industries.


With a view on engendering long-term investments and lasting relationships, we always act responsibly in all the industries and markets we operate in. Through our strategic partnerships, we have access to Refineries, Processing plants and other Global traders in Asia, Europe and Africa. We are also connected to and have agreements in place with various Power Generators to supply Power throughout the West African sub region. As part of our operations in the local markets, we partner licensed Oil Marketing Companies with wide distribution networks in the Ghana, Mali and Burkina Faso markets.


We are currently in negotiations to enter the East African Market where we expect to bring our skills and expertise to bear in the market to the benefit of our clients.


We are positive that our East African operations, which will have its head office in Kenya will be equally as successful as our West Africa Operations.  Sage Group is focused on growing on three fronts:


  1. Expanding Existing Assets
  2. Acquiring New Ones
  3. Developing Greenfield Opportunities