Petroleum Trading & Distribution 

Global Perspective Coupled With Local Insight


Strong relationships are central to our petroleum trading business as it enables us to respond efficiently to the requests of our customers. Our in-depth awareness of market developments coupled with our local presence in West and East Africa, puts us in an ideal position to have both a global perspective and local insight into real time market dynamics so as to provide adequate solutions for our clients.


At our West African Hub located in Ghana, we sell to the key Oil Marketing Companies, while seeking to be the importers’ trader in the other West African Countries. We innovatively work with our customers and partners to develop business models that are based on local conditions and ensure lasting rewards for both parties.


Sage Petroleum trades mainly in the following:

  • Gas Oil,
  • Gasoline,
  • LPG,
  • Fuel Oil
  • ATK and
  • Condensates


Gas Oil

Gas Oil trading represents a central aspect of Sage’s trading portfolio. Our long standing expertise in trading Gas Oil makes us one of the leading traders in the Ghana market. We have established a strong reputation for trade capability, product quality and competitiveness.


We are presently leveraging on our expertise and reputation to gain foothold in other West and East African markets.


We source our Gasoil globally making it easier for us to offer commercial support for individually tailored transactions while applying our financing and risk management expertise.


Due to our strategic relationships, we have access to more than 80,000 mt of storage capacity within Ghana. These are located in Tema, Takoradi and Kumasi giving us the much needed flexibility to satisfy our clients and also to create efficiencies.



Most of the car fleet in the markets in which we operate runs on Gasoline, thereby making it one of the critical commodities we trade in.


Our in-depth knowledge and experience enables us to compete efficiently in the gasoline market by utilizing our logistics and storage relationships to deliver the right blend specifications of products to customers in the right quantities and at the right time. This is done by matching the best price available.


Whether supplying by tender or via the spot market, Sage Petroleum can be relied on to be competitive. We supply all grades of Gasoline. 



The LPG market is evolving rapidly and we are growing our market share. Our Ghana operations is the only Company that has access to LPG from the Ghana Gas facility making Sage Petroleum a major and influential participant in LPG trading on the Ghanaian market. We are extending this knowhow to other African markets.


Fuel Oil

We actively participate in the fuel oil market. Our in-depth local knowledge in the West and East African markets coupled with key relationships across the Globe enables us to source fuel oil efficiently and also ensures that we deliver on specification and on time in line with the requests of our customers.


Jet Fuel (ATK)

With a global view of the marketplace, and the ability to ship and store; Sage Petroleum is ideally set-up to support customers with comprehensive services for the supply of ATK.


Our unwavering focus on product quality and our long-term relationship perspective means we are one of the preferred partners for the supply of Jet fuel within the markets we operate. 



Through our quality network and relationships, Sage Petroleum is strategically positioned to access and trade condensates in our operational markets.