Power Trading 

Matching Energy Demand with Development


Sage Power aims to be a leading participant in the West African wholesale power markets and has thus invested resources in building capacity and expertise in this area as well as forging key relationships that will place it in a central position within the wholesale power markets.


Energy development has not kept pace with Power demands in most of West Africa. More and more countries can no longer cover all their energy needs from their own sources.


The West Africa Power Pool (WAPP) project was therefore set up to establish a well-functioning, cooperative, power pooling mechanism for West Africa, as a means of increasing access of the citizens of Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) to stable and reliable electricity at affordable costs.


Sage Power’s in-depth knowledge of both the Ghanaian and other West African markets and clear understanding of the fundamental dynamics within each country and how they interact across the continent gives us a significant head start in the West African Power Market. We are therefore in a better position to monitor and analyze interconnector capacities, flows and price differentials in order to effectively identify and seize opportunities when they arise. 


Sage Power is presently in discussions with Generators across the West African sub-region to buy power and sell it to its customers in Ghana and across West Africa.


Our goal is to have operations in Key West African countries which have excess power and facilitate the flow of this excess Power to areas of high demand within the region.